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OutRight Privacy Policy

Outright Systems is dedicated in ensuring that the requirements of our customers are fulfilled in the most efficient and proficient manner. We give utmost importance and attention in making certain that the privacy of our users is well protected. We meet our commitments without any delay or deviation. We also make sure that we function in transparency in order to gain the trust of our users. We collect user information only to enrich user experience and we adhere to a strict policy of not sharing user information with any third party.

Our Cookies Policy

While using our websites users are also allowed to use cookies. As the users place their trust in us, we guarantee that user data will never be shared with any third-party apps. Once the transaction is completed payment information is not stored in our database.

Websites often save cookies in order to enhance the user experience. Cookies are a combination of alphanumeric files saved in your computer. They are unable to carry any virus or malware, which can be harmful for your computer.

We Do Not Allow Third Party Tracking on Our Website

We neither allow any third party tracking nor do we use any third-party ads or tracking tools. Outright systems ensure that the customer information is kept confidential. User information is only accessed for internal use. With the purpose of notifying the users by means of email.

Users Can Interact With Each Other Through Blogs and Reviews

Outright systems allow users to share information by writing blogs and by giving product ratings. By sharing their experience on our website. Users can therefore interact with other users on our website.

Grievance Redressal

The website, is owned and operated by OutRight Systems Pvt Ltd, A private limited company functioning under Indian Government laws. If you have any privacy query or concerns, send us an email to or you can also send a letter to our mailing address which is mentioned below.

How to Unsubscribe

At any point of time if the user wishes to unsubscribe from receiving future communications through emails. They can simply do so by sending us an email at

Users can also unsubscribe by following simple steps given below on emails sent by us and we will stop further communication in the future.

Children’s Privacy

Outright Systems understands the significance of child privacy and we motivate parents and caretakers to show keen interest in their child’s online activities. Our web content does not target children below the age of 13. Outright Systems does not directly or indirectly collect any personal information of children below the age of 13.

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