SuiteCRM Journey : Drip Campaigns Vs Regular Campaigns

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November 25, 2018

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What are the campaigns?

Campaigns in SuiteCRM simply associated with email marketing.

Simply when you have a customer list, few templates, eager to hit your client’s inbox with few offers/news / recent development blah blah, you go and set up email marketing, push them into target list, attach a time to send. You all set!.

Seems quite easy but pain comes with easy things.

First, you will need a lot of training to run through those screens, spin your head to understand target/target list/tracker URL, etc. Going through many screens spin up your head. Start thinking about something else?  You tried to reach your customers and failed to do so because of the complexity in the delivery of emails or messy screens?

When you do very good with all above what the end result? Your clients get a templated email without knowing they need it or not?

Solution: You need a simple solution which works efficiently with a little go through on screens.  All your customers deserve private attention, they are precious, not they?

What are Drip campaigns?

Drip campaigns are similar series of emails focused on customer attention, their needs. In drip campaigns, you are closer to the client’s need.

You make a personalized Drip manager, set your rules in days, select your templates.

Moreover set your personalized rules according to your choice. You all set!


Verdict: You love your clients, they really need good news from your side but they must be relevant to their needs. Rather than sending a series of emails using regular campaigns, scheduled them overtime, attach them with few Drips according to their needs.


Outright Systems made a custom plugin to have drip campaigning inside SuiteCRM.

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