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Hide Unwanted things from your SuiteCRM Interface!

SuiteCRM, Hide your unwanted things like buttons, links or any error message box from user interfaces. Keep it lean and mean!

SuiteCRM software comes with a lot of excess things, which is not used by everyone, your user’s productivity effects when they see a lot of buttons, links on a page. It put them feeling messy. It’s better you keep only things which needed and hide everything else.

Hide Unwanted things from your SuiteCRM Interface!

1. Clean up unused things based upon their Element ID’s or Class

It’s simple to manage things which you need to clean, just grab their ID or Class name from the inspecting element.

Just create a new record from “admin->outright global hide manager area“. Put it’s ID/Class and make this setting status as “Active”.

Hide Unwanted things from your SuiteCRM Interface!

2.Why Cleaning is important

Remind days, when you open door of your home and you found it messy. You feel uncomfortable until it is not cleaned and well managed again. Same situation at CRM, if User interfaces are clean, sales team is more productive, as they see only lean and mean things over interfaces. Most important it is going to clean from whole CRM just in a simple step and within a minute.

3.Life without this plugin

They use it all day, there are tons of unused buttons, links, error message boxes, sometimes they are curious and click on them. It may just waste a lot of time. or they may see things which don’t need to,do not they lose productivity just because of unused things?

4. Final summary

It’s a is 7 days free trial for this plugin, no cost to download and use it. It just makes life easier than ever. Moreover any previous can be made “Inactive”, hidden things will be back instantly. No repair required to use this addon. It keeps your employees happier as they improve productivity.

Happy Cleaning!!

For more details, videos, and documentation for this add-on, please click here.

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