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Role of Outright Utils for SugarCRM and SuiteCRM instance

So what exactly are outright utils? Why I should include this bunch of code? Is this code secure? I am afraid about backlinking? Is this code dangerous for my SuiteCRM? even if it is safe, why I should use it?

OutRight Utils

You are right! , your business must be in safe hands. Your data needs to be highly secured, after all, it is our heart, that brings our dreams into a business.

Little Background about me before I start you explaining about this.

I am quite passionate SugarCRM / SuiteCRM programmer, working since 2007 over these, I have a long time into it.  In 2017, I came to a project that has tons automation whether customer bounded each click into several business rules. I have to write the same code each time, again and again, all the time.

An example of this.

Before outright utils, if I have run a  SQL, I was writing like this way.

global $db;

$sql ="select user_name,first_name from users where  last_name ='Dwivedi' ";

$row = $db->query($sql);

$final_result = array();

while($res = $db->query($row) ){

$final_result[] = $res;


So above code, we are using since years. Did you notice a problem with this?

  • I am human, forgot to add “deleted =0” into my SQL, it means, unfortunately, it calls the buggy piece of code, poor feedback of your customer. Even I am good at programming.
  • I need to pass all variables correctly, $sql, $row, $res, $final_result  keep them learning all them. if a single mistake, you have to spent the time to debug it.

So what I did to overcome these things.

At Outright Utils, I added a function,


so exactly it changed?

  • All you need to pass on $sql into it.
  • It will automatically add “deleted =0” if missing.
  • It will loop all data, return you final result, so no need to learning of those variables. just grab final result and do your next stuff? Sounds interesting?

If above sounds interesting to you, so just telling you, it is just one piece of code.

Hundreds of such repeating mistakes have overcome at outright utils. It’s not magic, it’s a strive to make code things better.

It’s free for everyone, either you are at SugarCE, SugarPro or SuiteCRM.

To be summarised, there is no back linking, no unsafe threats included in the code, code made for making Coding life easier for whom who are trying to enter the CRM industry, which is already damn complex.

I am going to add several blogs over this chapter. There are tons of Bean / Relationship / Emails related function which already take care of complex part.

Keep following, please…






Traci · April 29, 2019 at 6:09 am

Thank you for the wonderful post

Marquis · May 16, 2019 at 6:12 am

This is actually helpful, thanks.

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