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SuiteCRM Development : Never been such easy!

Are you a SuiteCRM developer? Well experienced or game starter? Writing SQL code, logic hooks all day? This blog going to save your bunch of hours every day!

Excited to learn about it? Yeah!

  1. Have a fun SQL  e.g. “$account_sql = ‘select name from accounts where id =’XXXX””  Just get it by $my_account = outright_run_sql_one_row($account_sql);
  2. Just type in $my_account[‘name’];
  3. Does not looks much fun  , here we only started..
  4. You have to save something into account like $data_array[‘name’] =’Ashish’;
  5. Simply call outright_save(‘Accounts’,$data_array).
  6. Wana send email to someone ?
  7. Just put outright_send_email(“”,”my subject”,”My Email body”)
  8. Want to do a complete repair by script?
  9. Just call outright_do_repair();
  10. Want load_relationship between modules?
  11. Outright_load_relationship($module1 , $module2)

    Seems fun?

    Just download package from our store. Link is at top right corner…
    Additionally, you can download zip from my Git Account…
    Have fun in coding.



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